A tailor-made activation from concept to execution involves our creative team designing an unforgettable brand experience that will engage, inform, entertain, and ultimately, leave a lasting impression.


Mall activations engage consumers when they are on the verge on making purchase decisions. INDAYI’s obligation is to assist in emotionally connecting your brand promise with the consumers at the right time and at the right place thus promoting consumer purchase commitment.

We safeguard the delivery of innovative activations that build brands and memorable experiences within shopping malls. INDAYI has successfully executed various activations in the all the major cities across provinces of South Africa


INDAYI’s invaluable knowledge of the South African student market boasts insight into their behaviour and spending patterns. We translate our extensive research into a variety of innovative media initiatives on behalf of our clients, creating unforgettable moments experienced by the market segment with the most disposable income.

Presence in 30 campuses across the country

Reaching on average 500 000 students daily.

With an array of media options and on-campus activations, we have the means to take your message to the ever important youth market.

INDAYI prides itself in being the undisputed leader in Commuter Market Communication. We facilitate awareness drives and activations on behalf of our clients, delivering the client’s brand to the vast majority of the working class.


INDAYI hunts out consumers from a wide spectrum of environments to get maximum exposure for your brand. For you we go as far as churches to get your brand messaging across through demographic relevant Church Activations.

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